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    About Us

    tenebay.com was launched in 2007 and became an instant success for people looking to buy and sell their unwanted items.

    By 2012 there were over 3,700 registered users and new items have continued to be added and sold on a daily basis.

    In June 2012 tenebay.com was incorporated into the Tenerife Weekly group of companies and a tenebay classified section was launched in the newspaper giving our users an even greater avenue to advertise their items.

    tenebay.com continues to be the biggest and most popular website that people are using to advertise anything that they have for sale.

    If you want to contact the tenebay team with any questions or for advice on how the website works then please use the contact details below:

    Email: info@tenebay.com

    Tel: 627 686 830

    Decades - Bitter & Twisted
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    Decades - Bitter & Twisted
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